The myNEXUS Story

Relode was just throwing candidates at us when we said we needed them. You were on point with everyone you submitted qualifications wise. Relode is a new, different approach to recruiting, and a much simpler approach.
— Kurt Short, HR Executive
Brentwood, Tennessee
9 crowdsourced specialty nurses in 3 weeks


With a mission of innovative care and a process to creatively help insurance companies manage the care cycle, myNEXUS has become an icon in healthcare innovation. And if you would have met Kurt Short a few months ago, he would have been just as surprised as you to find his team had doubled over the past three months. “We are in a different industry that not a lot of people have entered historically. Before, insurance companies didn’t care about home health. It was only 2% of their costs, so it was never managed.”


With Relode, myNEXUS was able to tap into talent networks qualified in both home health and utilization review. Relode's healthcare-specific professional networks included the location and job knowledge that Kurt needed--allowing him to connect with great candidates he would not have found otherwise.

Relode’s platform connected one of its agents, Amy, to the myNEXUS opportunity.  Amy's background as a supervisor of nurses with home health and utilization review was a perfect match.  Amy reached out to her personal network and shared information about the position and myNEXUS.  Many of her friends responded with interest. Amy connected her friends with the Relode team who screened and qualified each to determine who were the right fit.  By the time myNEXUS interviewed the group, they were already aware of the company, team, position, and were ready to take the next steps in the formal interview process.

Working with Relode meant Kurt was able to focus on the final interview and hiring process.  Relode's internal team checks every candidate before clients ever see them.  “You are pre-screening them and pre-qualifying them for the role. Relode makes my job a lot easier.”


 What myNEXUS didn’t understand at first was the very thing that makes Relode different. “Our initial impression of you guys was that you just had a database of resumes that you were cold calling. We had no idea about the referral networks, the living breathing agents that enable Relode’s crowdsourced technology.” said Kurt.  Relode's technology enabled Kurt to reach those audiences--the right talent in the right location at the right time.  For Kurt, the results speak for themselves:  "Nine of the first ten hires were from the Relode platform."


New myNEXUS team members going through their orientation

New myNEXUS team members going through their orientation