The Right Opportunity at the Right Time

Being a successful agent takes persistence, but when you have the drive and the skills, you can succeed. We chatted with Marzette, one of our successful agents, about his experience with Relode, and how he was able to quickly get started and refer candidates who were hired.

Marzette is no stranger to recruiting — he’s been working in the field since 2010. “I first heard about Relode from a colleague who’s a Relode agent,” he says.

In addition to working in recruiting, Marzette also had experience working in healthcare recruiting specifically, and enjoys how it gives him the opportunity to help the people who have made a career helping others. “It’s a good niche for me,” he says. “I feel we’re doing something special being involved in helping people heal. I feel like that’s important work.”

As a veteran healthcare recruiter, Marzette immediately recognized the opportunity Relode presented for recruiters who had access to candidates, but needed to find the right jobs in order to place them. “I like the platform,” he adds. “A lot of the roles that are featured are ones that any healthcare recruiter would enjoy working on. For me, getting started was just a matter of digging in. I knew exactly what to do and was able to hit the ground running.”

Marzette’s one piece of advice to new recruiters looking to get started with Relode is simple: “Persistence and perseverance. That’s what it takes. Period.”

He adds, “In healthcare recruiting, whether you’re using Relode or receiving a job order, you have to be determined to succeed and keep working at it. I re-entered the recruiting field in December of 2010, and it was 5-6 months before I got my first placement. Normally that much rejection can make people feel like they need to pick a new field right away. You’re going to get rejections and you can’t let that stop you.”

Marzette is looking forward to earning more rewards and finding even more great candidates for the positions on the platform. “I’m completely committed to finding success with Relode,” he says. “I love the number of roles available. I feel like an agent will be able to support themselves with the number of roles.”

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Molly Powers