The Right Healthcare Job at the Right Time | Maggie's Story

Maggie Howard runs business development for Foundations Recovery Network in the state of Texas. Foundations provides integrated treatment for substance abuse and mental health issues, creating lifetime relationships for long-term recovery. She sat down with us to share her journey to this exciting new position.

When did you start looking for new opportunities?

It was really when I heard about the position with Foundations that I started seriously considering making a change. Both the healthcare industry, and this specific role, were a perfect fit. I knew this would be an upward move for me.

__What was the process with Relode like? __

It was amazing. Relode was so responsive and easy to work with. It was a great experience.

What do you like best about your new job?

One of my favorite things about my new job is the people. The people I am working with are phenomenal in all aspects. The leadership of the company is incredible. For my role, its very much like running your own business in Texas. That is what my boss Kate always tells me. There is so much autonomy and the entire company is very entrepreneurial. I get to make decisions about how I am going to handle my territory.

__What would you tell your friends about Relode? __

I definitely recommend using Relode. Relode was very forthright and transparent about the process and very communicative. Sometimes the job process can be very overwhelming but Relode made the process a lot easier. I was always prepared for the next step. Relode clearly knows how to match people.

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Relode Team