June Agent Spotlight: Fredrick J. 'The Difference Maker'

by the Relode Team
2 June 2015

Every month we highlight a top Relode agent. Our "Agent Spotlight" gives clients an opportunity to see top performing agents and to know them better. We like to let our agents shine, so here's Fredrick J. Congrats to Fredrick, our Agent of the Month for June 2015!

1. Tell us about yourself and why you joined Relode.

"My name is Fredrick Johnson and I am a Military Veteran with over 24 years of military service.  Within those 24 years, I spent 14 years doing Recruitment. My recruiting expertise is what gives me the edge in the industry.  I work hard to meet and exceed my clients’ staffing needs by providing them with quality customer service. My clients can rest assure that if they decide to hire me that they will get a recruiter that is passionate, driven and motivated to find the best candidate for the position. I joined Relode because it presented me with a unique opportunity to showcase my skills and abilities to employers."

2. How do you establish a positive rapport with your clients?

"I establish rapport with my clients by making it a priority to respond to all client requests within an hour of receiving them and thanking them for allowing me the opportunity to work on their behalf. To me, responding to the clients in a timely manner is the first step in creating a positive first impression. In addition, I work hard to recognize and understand clients’ needs so that I can provide them with prompt, professional and courteous service to give them a sense of comfort in working with me."

3. What's your secret to finding the right candidates?

"My secret to finding the right candidates involves the effective utilization of social media and job boards to source for candidates. With the emergence of technology, social media and job boards makes it easier to reach a large number of potential candidates in a small amount of time which makes them an effective and efficient way to source for the right candidate."

4. What sets you apart as a recruiter?

"What sets me apart as a recruiter is my personality and ability to connect with people easily. I have a very outgoing personality, which makes it easy for me to interact with clients. I also believe in and live by the motto of “a first impression is a lasting impression.”  I work hard to make the first impression a positive one for all clients."

5. If you could make up a title for yourself, what would it be?

"'The Difference Maker!'
I know someone might already have this title, but I think it fits me perfectly because no matter what the situation or issue, I can be called upon and I will make a positive impact on the outcome. Being a difference maker is not just talking about it, but actually being creative and innovative in helping to resolve issues while having a positive impact on the situation and outcome."

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