Mercy Ships Update | How John Helps Those in Need

For over forty years, Mercy Ships has been bringing hope and healing to those in desperate need. This floating hospital operates off the African coast, and provides free, life-saving surgeries to thousands whodon’t have access to even basic medical procedures.

Each year, volunteers from over 49 countries give their time and their talents to serve on the African Mercy in various roles. From the doctors performing the surgeries, to the engineers who make sure the ship runs smoothly, each person plays a vital part in changing thousands of life for the better.

For John Webb, these multiple opportunities provided him with the chance to use his talents to help others in need.

“We have two people at my church who did a presentation before the congregation about Mercy Ships and showed a video. I actually didn’t think about it too much during the presentation, but about six months later it came into my mind. I went to the site and looked around and before I knew it I was signing up for service,” he says. “I think it was a God thing, telling me to sign up.”

At first, he didn’t hear anything back, as spots on the ship are limited. However, once he got the approval, things started to move quickly, and John was soon scheduled to serve on a trip to Cameroon in West Africa. “I’ll be an audio visual technician, so I’ll be supporting meetings and church services and other events on the ship with audio and visual,” he says.

Luckily, John’s previous experience has prepared him to manage audio and video operations. “It kind of fits with my technical computer skills. I do AV as a volunteer thing at my church. We use a pretty sophisticated program to manage videos and graphics, so it fits my background.”

This trip will be John’s first with Mercy Ships, although he’s no stranger to helping others, having previously served on trips to the Baja peninsula. He’s excited for the chance to make a difference in the livesof others. “It will be a growing experience for me and hopefully very beneficial for the people there,” he says.

We’ve loved getting to know the amazing men and women serving on Mercy Ships and are continually inspired by their commitment, dedication, and love for those around them. If you want to give directly to Mercy Ships, head here. You can also read more about how your every interaction with Relode blesses those who serve on Mercy Ships.

Molly Powers