Mercy Ships is Providing Hope and Help Through Volunteers

Each year, hundreds of Africans flock to receive life-saving surgeries and other medical treatments from a ship that sits just off the coast. This ship, known as the Africa Mercy, has been providing free care to those in need as part of the Mercy Ships mission.

For nearly forty years, Mercy Ships has sought to bring hope and healing to the millions of people who live without access to even basic healthcare. Staffed entirely by volunteers, these floating hospitals provide safe, quality care to those who need it most.


Girannie Dilchand is one of those volunteers.

Born in Guyana, South America, Girannie originally attended a private nursing school that combined morning classes with practical experience in the afternoon. In her secondyear, Girannie worked as an OR (operating room) and scrub nurse. “I knew immediately that’s what I wanted to do,” she says.

Shortly afterwards, Girannie migrated to the U.S, where she continued to work as an OR nurse and eventually became president of her local chapter of AORN (Association of periOperative Registered Nurses). As part of this role, she attended AORN’s Global Surgical Conference & Expo each year.

It was at this expo that she first heard about Mercy Ships.

“I always saw Mercy Ships and was always intrigued,” she says. “I asked a lot of questions and started applications but it seemed like so much paperwork.” In the meantime,Girannie had served on several medical missions to Mexico, Guyana, and Honduras. “I knew that God was leading me because he knows my heart and knows that’s what I want to do — give back,” she says.  

However, she couldn’t quite get Mercy Ships out of her mind.

“A couple years later at the convention I met Craig [Sharver, who handles volunteer recruitment] and was talking to him about the paperwork. He let me know that they’d computerized everything and that was it. I filled out the application and last year in March I served in Madagascar for two weeks.” When she arrived for her first mission, Girannie loved that so many doctors and nurses had come together from all over the world to help others.

To fund her previous trips, Girannie paid all her own expenses by fundraising. For her upcoming mission, Girannie knew that to be able to serve, God would have to open a door. She posted about her financial needs on Facebook, and was surprised when Craig reached out to her. “He told me that there might be a way to go. It’s in the early stages but it might work out he said,” she remembers. It did work out. Relode was able to help Girannie achieve her dream of serving on Mercy Ships and helping those in desperate need of hope.  

For this trip, Girannie is looking forward to helping others and to working with the rest of the doctors and nurses. She says, “It’s a kind of life after my own heart. ‘Do it unto theleast of these,’ that’s what God commissioned us to do — When we do things in love we’re showing God’s love and teaching others his love.”

As a team, Relode is committed to providing financial assistance to nurses like Girannie, and we hope to sponsor over 50 people to serve on Mercy Ships this year. We have also chosen to allocate a percentage of every dollar to fund Mercy Ships missions. Every time you refer a candidate or a apply for a job, you’re helping to bless men, women, and children who would otherwise be without vital medical procedures. It’s our privilege to be able to connect amazing nurses like Girannie with an amazing organization like Mercy Ships.

Want to help nurses like Girannie care for those in need? You can donate directly to Mercy Ships here or make a referral through Relode to help. If you’re interested in volunteering for a Mercy Ships mission, reach out to us at

Relode Team