how we found our new head of sales

Given the demand for our product and growth plans, Relode launched a national search in Q4 for a sales leader with a proven track record of winning and building elite sales teams.

Before we broadcasted the opening on the Relode platform, I solicited a few quotes from national executive search firms to understand what the market rate was for a comparable search and they ranged from $100,000 to $150,000 for this position.

With pressure mounting to move quickly and to have someone in place before the start of 2021, I set our referral reward in the Relode platform to $15,000. In less than 72 hours of broadcasting the postition, we received over 40 qualified candidates. In one week, we had a total of 96 referrals to review. Our team conducted 16 interviews with applicants, and from there, narrowed the search down to our four final candidates.

We made an offer to our top candidate and he was officially hired within three weeks of launching this search. Here are some interesting stats:

  • 50% of our applicants were referred by virtual recruiters in the Relode marketplace.
  • The other 50% were referred by industry professionals, including several private equity firms and executives throughout the country.

This is why I started Relode. I believed there was a better way to deliver top talent to employers. I understand first-hand the pressure that CEOs face from investors when hiring for key leadership roles. Relode’s platform brings employers an on-demand recruiting solution which delivers more qualified and diverse candidates, faster and saves employers thousands of dollars in the process. It just makes too much sense.

We’re on a mission to disrupt the age-old recruiting industry and use modern, efficient technology to help employers locate the best talent, hire faster and save money.

Vinnie Cholewa, welcome to the Relode team as our new Head of Sales! We are delighted that you've joined us and can help tell our story!

For anyone reading this, here’s your chance to earn again; we’re offering a referral reward for helping us find our new Sr. Growth Marketing Manager. Think you might know someone or are interested in applying yourself? Click here to refer or apply!

Our team would be happy to learn more about your hiring needs and discuss how Relode's hiring platform could help you.

Matt Tant, CEO
Matt Tant