I Love What I Do: Agent Spotlight on Steven Roebuck

by the Relode Team
8 July 2015

Steven Roebuck is a top Relode Agent this month because he loves what he does and he's good at it. Looking for great candidates?

We like to let our agents shine, so here's Steven Roebuck!

1. Tell Us About Yourself And Why You Joined Relode.

Steven Roebuck

Steven Roebuck

I have been in the recruiting industry for over 20 years. The cities in which I have physically recruited are Lansing MI, Kansas City MO, Denver CO, the Twin Cities St. Paul and Minneapolis MN, and of course the entire Chicagoland area. I also have four children, four grandchildren, a dog (Sir Puddles), and a cat (Mr. Mackey).  I have three brothers and one sister. One of my brothers was born in New York, Israel, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. My sister is my only sibling that was born in Chicago, my parents’ home town.  I read, write, and speak Hebrew and Spanish. I joined Relode because of their user friendly platform - there is no need to create invoices, and the client’s funds are placed in escrow until the task is completed.

2. How Do You Establish A Positive Rapport With Your Clients?

When I am conversing with clients or potential clients I am always upbeat and friendly. I like to use the correct intonations. I like to use their name in the conversation as much as possible. I try to make them feel as comfortable as possible.  I try to make it a habit to repeat back whatever job description or specifications that are given to me. I like to maintain a consultative approach, informing my client about my procedures. The best way to develop trust is to always keep your commitments.

3. What's Your Secret To Finding The Right Candidates?

Finding the right candidate actually starts with obtaining the correct job description and company culture. By being a recruiter for over 20 years, I like to start with my personal database, network, and contacts. After this process, I recruit from my client’s top competitors.  Finally, after all other avenues are completed, I cast a wider net I recruit industry specific and also passive candidates, and passive candidate’s referrals. While speaking with any candidate and asking for referrals, most recruiters will just ask “well, you know anyone?” I like to be a little more engaging! I’ll say something like, If you were hiring for this position, who is the first person that comes to mind?

4. What Sets You Apart As A Recruiter?

First, I think what really sets me apart is I love what I do. I’m tenacious, aggressive, dedicated, and I have a can do attitude. My colleagues like to call me the chameleon; I try to become the candidate that I’m recruiting for. When I’m networking with lawyers, they will ask me are you an attorney, I answer, no I’m a recruiter. Then they will tell me that I sound just like a lawyer. The same with accountants, engineers, and or whatever industry that I choose.

5. If You Could Make Up A Title For Yourself, What Would It Be?

When I really think about it I have to say "Salesman." As a recruiter, you are constantly selling.  You must sell your clients and candidates on the benefits of working with you. You need to sell you client’s opportunity to the candidate, and your candidate’s expertise to your client. We are project managers, consultants, business development managers, customer service, and a plethora of other titles one can think of. Bottom line though, as recruiters we wear many hats.

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