How to Hire for Diversity: 3 Steps from Glassdoor

by Chad Harrington
16 July 2015

Last week, ERE Media published our piece on diversity and hiring called, "Diversity From Denmark: The Value Of Recruiting Collectivists Like Mikkel Svane." 

In my research for that piece, I found several interesting statistics on hiring for diversity. If you are looking for candidates and find someone who meets your qualifications, they will bring diversity to your team, which is great for the company. Additionally, you will make happy these two groups:

  • 67 percent of job seekers
  • 57 percent of employees

Diversity, in other words, makes your company culture more attractive for new recruits and for retaining employees. Here's why you will make employees happy, according to Glassdoor's recent diversity survey

3 Steps to Better Diversity Hiring

Infographic originally published here; republished with permission.