How Successful Was the Uber + Relode Mobilized Job Fair?

Chad Harrington
11 November 2015


Last Thursday our team spent over three hours in the back seat of an Uber, participating with eight other companies for the first mobilized job fair in history.

I'm writing to share initial feedback and stats regarding the event.

Since this had never been done before, my major question was, What's the ROI for participating companies? In other words, What hires will come from this?

That's the point of job fairs anyway. So those questions must be answered. Here's our answer so far; stay tuned as the stories unfold. 

The Event: First mobilized job fair in history

Eight participating companies sent a recruiter from their team to conduct interviews from the back seat of an Uber on Thursday, November 5th from 11 AM to 2 PM. 

Team Relode and the others set off from the Uber Nashville headquarters just before 11:00 AM to get ready for the interviews around the city. Uber users selected an Uber 'Jobs' vehicle and got an on demand interview. We picked them up and dropped them off at the same location. 

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During the job fair, Relode's team traveled shotgun and entered candidates directly into our software, organizing the job fair all in one place. We were professional "scribes" from the passenger side of each Uber for the afternoon, freeing the recruiters up to do what they do best: find great candidates.

After each 15-minute interview, our Uber would drop the candidates off, and we'd discuss how the interview went with the recruiter. This allowed for immediate feedback and documentation. 

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The Magic: Eight companies collaborate to find talent

When the whole job fair was done, all eight companies gathered around a conference table at Uber Nashville headquarters to discuss all the candidates interviewed.

It took a minute or two. 

The beauty of this part was seeing eight companies come together to make hiring great again. The recruiters shared candidate information to find the best fit for each company. 

This was truly astounding, and potentially revolutionary in talent acquisition. My thought was, What if other companies did this? There'd be a lot more placements made with better fits.

The Stats

Here's the statistics we've collected so far:

  • Over 65 percent of the interview requests were not able to be met, meaning demand for interviews was greater than the availability at peak times
  • Over 50 percent of candidates invited for a second interview
  • Over 265k media impressions from Twitter accounts (from @Uber_Nashville and @relodetools)

In addition to statistics, we wanted to know what the participating companies thought--their first impression immediately after the job fair.

The Follow-up: I interviewed the recruiters

After the three-hour job fair, I spent time with each recruiter from all participating companies, asking each company’s representative whether or not they thought the event was worth their time.

They all said, “We want to do this again!”

Simply listening to the recruiters’ feedback made me a believer. I knew it was a win for Uber and for Relode, but my question was, Is this a win for the recruiters from their perspective?

I could see it in their faces and hear it in their words: A mobilized, on demand job fair with Uber was a good thing for corporate recruiters. A very good thing.

I'll be sharing more on what the recruiters thought soon through another blog post. 

The Future: On demand job fairs to come

We’re already getting great feedback from those involved in the event. We’re exploring how to replicate the model in other cities. 

If you missed the job fair and still want to apply, it's not too late! The eight participating companies are still taking applications for their open positions. Want to throw an epic hiring event? Shoot us a note – we would love to help! 


Chad Harrington is Creative Content Director at Relode. He writes on all things hiring. Have an expertise in hiring? Email Chad. He's taking requests to be included in Relode's upcoming podcast series, "How to Hire," where industry experts share their secrets for hiring their speciality.