How Relode is Powering the Backseat Job Fair with Uber

Team Relode
4 November 2015

We're doing something that's never been done: An on demand job fair—all in the back of an Uber. We couldn’t do this without a great partner like Uber and eight forward-thinking Nashville companies.

Uber is connecting recruiters and job seekers by providing the transportation, thus making instant interviews a reality. Once the connection is made, the recruiters and Relode's software will take care of the rest.

Relode's software is powering the event to seamlessly organize the candidates for recruiters and their companies.

The purpose of this post is to share exactly how our software is an essential part of making this job fair a delight instead of a drag for participating recruiters.


What's Happening: The Context

Eight Uber ‘JOBS’ will be available from 11 AM to 2 PM for transportation services. Each of these Ubers will escort a corporate recruiter of the participating employers. Whoever has the Uber app on their mobile device can enter promotional code 'NASHJOBS'. Then they can select a ‘JOBS’ Uber to pick them up for an interview. 

How It Works: The Step-by-Step Process

When the candidate steps inside the back of an Uber, the recruiter begins by adding them into Relode’s software.

Recruiters will use Relode to:

  1. Create a board and organize candidates from an Uber (*boards are digital folders)
  2. Collect data like profile links and upload resumes on the spot
  3. Log notes from the interview dialogue into Relode's cloud-based software
  4. Tag candidates based on candidate qualifications and experience
  5. Collaborate with decision makers without leaving the vehicle

Create a Board

A Relode “board” is where candidates are stored in Relode (they're not where candidates apply for jobs). Recruiters create a board for each opening. It’s a mobilized candidate management system for a mobilized job fair—perfect combination for an event with Uber.


Collect Data

The problem with recruiting at job fairs is keeping everything organized. Through Relode, this job fair's recruiters can collect:

  • Photos
  • Resumes
  • Social profile links
  • Many more attachments

Recruiters will have all candidates in one place. Instead of a manila folder or a stack of resumes, recruiters can put everything into Relode's cloud-based tool. 

Boards update in real time from the back seat of the Uber, so decision makers back in the office can go ahead and look at candidates while the job fair is rolling along.

Here's a picture of what a board looks like with candidates for Uber's opening for their communications position (below):


Record Notes from the Interview

Interview notes need to be written down to share with others. The problem comes when there's not an efficient way of communicating those notes with decision makers. Here's a picture of what the solution to that problem looks like during this event:


Through Relode, recruiters record notes by including them in the comments section of each candidate profile. Their team has access to see those comments instantly.

Recruiters also tag candidates for skills and qualifications for the opening. For example, if an accountant is qualified for general ledger or month-end close, recruiters can add those tags in their profile, "GL" and "Month-end Close".


Collaborate with Decision Makers

Collaborating about candidates with decision makers is vital for an effective hiring process. With Relode’s software, recruiters are able to share their board team members and with new users by the click of a button.


After recruiters share candidates with team members, decision makers can search candidates by job opening and by qualification tags, which will be logged for each candidate through Relode's platform.

As each company moves candidates along the hiring process, they update status tags in Relode. For example, candidates will move from “interviewed” to “hired” when companies choose them for their job opening. Here's a little of what that looks like as the process moves along:


The Goal of Relode’s Software

Relode’s software platform simplifies organizing candidates in this job fair. Take out this element of the event, and recruiters will have a bunch of resumes, heads spinning from interviewing a dozen candidates in three hours, and a mess to deal with when they get back to the office.

Since Uber has chosen to make Relode a vital part of this event, the hiring process for companies, recruiters, and candidates is efficient. This type of organization is great not only for type-A personalities who like their ducks in a row; it’s also great for recruiters who don’t want to mess with data entry. Relode makes candidate management seamless.

Relode’s software digitizes the whole process, making it delightful for its users. 

We’re excited to share the good that comes from this event. Stay tuned for more!

~ Team Relode

Here's the full story in press release format regarding our partnership with Uber Nashville.

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