How Greenhouse CEO Hires for Quality in Addiction Treatment

Chad Harrington
January 2016

We interviewed Marc Turner, Greenhouse CEO, and below he provides hiring advice for high-growth healthcare organizations, especially for addiction treatment centers.

Image Credit: Greenhouse / Texas Treatment Center

Image Credit: Greenhouse / Texas Treatment Center


In just two years, Greenhouse Treatment Center doubled in size. That's quick growth for any healthcare facility, let alone a healthcare niche like addiction treatment services. That makes hiring for quality a challenge, but that's Turner's goal.

While at least 14,500 addiction facilities exist in the United States to serve the over 21 million persons aged 12 or older who struggle with addictions, Greenhouse shot up like a sprout in the dry lands of Texas, doubling their capacity to 130 residential beds, adding an out-patient program, as well as maintaining a laser focus on quality.

They had 100 percent growth in just two years and yet maintain a high standard for quality hires.


I had the opportunity to interview Marc Turner, Greenhouse Treatment Center's CEO, for our “Health and Hiring” series, and what stood out to me was their emphasis on quality of care, as well as their rapid growth. He offered some advice on how to do what he's done.

Turner's advice to other Addiction Center CEOs hiring to scale quickly (full description below):

  1. Start early
  2. Engage candidates along the way
  3. Have a great on boarding process for company culture 
  4. Check in with new employees 90 days after hire
  5. Understand that you’ll have some fall out, so over hire a little bit

As a part of American Addiction Centers as a whole, Turner’s Greenhouse Addiction Treatment Center (Grand Prairie, Texas) maintains a high standard for care. This means care for struggles of the whole person:

  • Physical
  • Mental 
  • Emotional
  • Cognitive
  • Spiritual

Their goal? Transforming lives.

Greenhouse’s ultimate goal is to “rescue them from a life of addiction and assisting them in transforming their lives." He said that in addition to this internal goal, they also desire to improve the industry as a whole, “by setting the standard for the highest quality of care and excellence."

With regard to hiring for a treatment facility, where patients often come in with extreme life circumstances, he said “our people are our product." 


Marc Turner and Hiring for an Treatment Center 

Since Greenhouse comes under the umbrella of American Addiction Centers as a whole, I was curious about Marc’s story, how he came on board with them. This led me to ask about his journey over the last few years as they literally doubled in size. So I started off with my top question about how he was hired.

*Watch Relode's Twitter feed for our interview with Michael Cartwright, CEO of American Addiction Centers, under whom Greenhouse operates.

Image credit: Greenhouse / Marc Turner picture

Image credit: Greenhouse / Marc Turner picture

Relode: How did you start working for Greenhouse? 

Marc Turner: “Michael Cartwright recruited me to join his organization almost four years ago. When I first worked for American Addiction Centers, I ran the California operations, and in 2014, as we were poised to add beds here as well as adding an outpatient center, I was asked to transfer from California to come here to oversee our plans of expansion.”

R: How did Michael Cartwright recruit you?

MT: “I really had a very strong attraction to Michael’s vision to build a company that really emphasized quality of services and wanted to be sure that we were designing and delivering care for optimal outcomes. There are a lot of healthcare chains—and I’ve worked for four or five of them in my career—where dollars come in front of people. That’s not how American Addiction Centers operates and that’s not the vision of its founders. Their belief if that if we’re offering an optimal product, we will be financially successful.”


R: How do you hire when you double in size in two years? 

MT: “You have to cast your net really widely, because you want to find people—in any job but particularly in a healthcare job—you are looking for individuals who have technical competence as well as having the right attitude, temperament, and approach (the soft skills). The interview and the vetting process is where you can find both the technical skills and the soft skills.

“We are big believers in the situational interview, so that we give people real-type hypotheticals on how we function and operate and see their ability to relate to that and communicate, how they would handle situations or examples in their background where they have handled similar situations. I believe that is the best way to vet candidates for working in this treatment center.

"If you’re doubling your size, you can’t hire a bunch of people that need a lot of mentoring and training."

“Either side of a desk you’re on when you’re vetting people or being vetted, it’s intense because it really is, Who do you want to partner with? Who do you want to be on your team as you go forward? In professional sports, at least you can look at game footage; in something like this, you don’t have game footage, so you’ve got to look at what that encounter teaches you. Obviously checking references or understanding people’s reputation in an industry can be helpful to make the right decision in recruiting, as well.”


R: What’s your top advice for other CEOs in your shoes? 

MT: “Start early, have a very good process for keeping your candidates engaged with you as you go through the process. Also, very important to have a very good on-boarding process, where it’s very clear that people are learning the culture and feel of the organization. And check in with your new employees—at some point we did that at 90 days—that their learning needs are being met and that they felt that they had made the right decision in coming to join the team."


Marc Turner is Greenhouse CEO. Across environments as diverse as emergency rooms and behavioral health facilities, Marc Turner has blazed a trail of systemic assessment, problem-solving, and improvement. See also websites for Greenhouse and American Addiction Centers.  


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