How to Improve Your Company’s Hiring Process

Last year marked a 15-year high for the time-to-fill job vacancy duration, and 2016 is not looking a whole lot better with industries like Health Services maintaining a 51.4 days to fill vacancy duration. Businesses spend too much time and money on hiring:

That’s too much time and money, when Relode offers an alternative way to find quality candidates.

Image credit: iStock Photo

Image credit: iStock Photo


The Need for a Better Recruiting Process

Hiring statistics support the fact that employers can improve on their hiring processes:

The problem? Sixty-five percent of employers have no more than two staff members handling recruiting, so who’s going to handle the hiring process as you grow?

The hiring process in general is a challenge, but solutions like Relode streamline finding and organizing job candidates into a delightful process for a greatly reduced cost compared to typical sourcing methods.

Relode Resources for the Hiring Process:

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