3 Steps to a Starting an Efficient Hiring Process

This blog is written for organizations who are early in developing their recruiting efforts. I answer the question, “How do you begin creating an efficient recruiting process?”

Image credit: Unsplash, Jake Hills

Image credit: Unsplash, Jake Hills


Start with these four “baby steps”:

1. Develop an Employee Referral Program

Even though most companies make hires based on referrals, few set a process in place to track referrals through a pipeline. Employees and colleagues are much more likely to refer top quality candidates for open positions if there is a process for tracking and rewarding their efforts. 

2. Source Candidates Online

The problem is that you don't have an efficient way to keep track of all your candidates. Here's the situation:

  • You come across a great candidate browsing LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook or other social media sites
  • You find a potential candidate on a company website
  • But you don't have a quick way to keep track of those candidates. 

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3. Engage a Virtual Recruiter to Find Candidates

Recruiting agencies provide 29 percent of externally sourced candidates for U.S. companies, but placement fees can be too expensive.

Relode has a network of virtual recruiters called Relode agents across the U.S. Our agents have an average 4.8 star rating, which means a lot of happy companies and happy candidates.

Stats on Traditional Recruiting Agency Services

  • U.S. businesses spend over $13 billion on recruitment and staffing agencies.
  • Recruiting agencies charge an average of 21 percent of a new hire’s salary.
  • Relode’s services are offered at a significantly lower rate than the national average

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