The Fast Track to Agent Rewards

Oct 30

Relode works because our agents connect healthcare employers to candidates they might not find otherwise. Since connection is a big key to Relode’s success, it should come as no surprise that connection is also a big factor in an agent’s success. Your ability to do what you do well is based on your ability to connect to your network and to connect your candidates to great jobs.

However, connecting with candidates isn’t enough.

If you’re serious about finding success as an agent, you’ve also got to stay connected with the Relode team, and especially the Account Executives. This team is your inside track to learning more about specific healthcare jobs, employer expectations, and ultimately, to referring more candidates and earning more rewards.

Who are the Relode Account Executives?

Our Account Executives aren’t just responsible for coordinating the hiring process between a candidate and an employer — they’re also your success coaches. They work with you and with your candidates to make sure a job is a great fit, and can show you how to make your candidate stand out from the rest.

While their advice isn’t limited to these topics, our Account Executives shared three vital steps for becoming a great agent, not just a good one.

Success Tips from the Relode Account Executives

  • Read the Job Description — To truly find the best healthcare candidates for the best healthcare jobs, you need to understand the position. Even if you know a great nurse with Med/Surg experience, he or she probably won’t be hired to an ICU position. Doing a quick read of the description will let you know which licenses are eeded, how much experience is preferred, and what the typical duties are, so you can strategically choose candidates who are more likely to be hired. However, just reading the description isn’t enough. Great agents use the description as a checklist to screen your candidates.

  • Screen Your Candidates — Screen your candidates against the checklist you created from the job description. It may take a little more work, but it increases chances of success. It will also give you a chance o ask your candidates any questions about their resume or qualifications before our account executives get in touch with them (Here's a guide to screening your candidates).

  • Maintain Relationships with Team Relode — Our team exists to help you become as successful as possible. We’re always available to answer questions and to guide you through the referral process. That’s why you’ve got to stay in touch. Our best agents are the ones who reach out to us and make it a priority to stay in communication about where their candidates are in the hiring process.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. For more in-depth tips for becoming a successful agent, sign up for our weekly webinar, where we share strategies for how to refer more candidates to awesome healthcare jobs and earn more rewards. See you there!

Molly Powers