A Massive New Resource Every Entrepreneur Should Check Out

By Chad Harrington
26 August 2015

Cat's out of the bag: The Entrepreneurial Mind (The EM) is now live, and every entrepreneur would benefit from checking it out. The EM offers a searchable database of over 200 short videos and 100 articles, content created specifically for entrepreneurs, and they're just getting started.

I interviewed the founder and CEO Dr. Jeff Cornwall for Relode's Podcast last month, and he gave me early access to this massive new resource for entrepreneurs. Here's a screenshot of their homepage I took with prelaunch access:


Cornwall is professor of entrepreneurship at Belmont University and he launched The Entrepreneurial Mind this month. Drawing on his forty plus years of experience, Cornwall brings into this platform expert content from a seasoned perspective, covering dozens of entrepreneurial topics and growing.

The EM is "a website built to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses," reads the site.

My review

The EM's content is interesting, helpful, and varied. The best part about it, from my perspective, is the search-by-keyword feature, which allows users to find niche topics in which they're interested. 

Users can also browse by category, subcategory, and media type. Here's a screen shot of the search options:



The subscription cost is reasonable ($4.99+/month). And they give away 10 percent of their profits to global entrepreneurship because of their commitment to micro lending. So subscribers contribute to a cause and get exclusive content.

Why a new resource? Instead of searching Google or YouTube for the information you're seeking as an entrepreneur, The EM aggregates the best content into one place.

Videos and an article I thought were interesting

Here's content on the site that piqued my interest:

The EM also includes a "forum" feature, available to subscribing entrepreneurs, which enables them to start conversations with each another and to foster community discussions within the platform.

Check out The Entrepreneurial Mind here

Download this 15 min podcast interview: Jeff Cornwall



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