Creative Ways to Find Candidates

Looking for top healthcare candidates?

Whether you’ve been a Relode recruiter for two years or two minutes, you’ve probably wondered about the best places to find candidates.

Before you start looking for candidates, make sure you’ve read our getting started guide and that you’re familiar with how to explain Relode to candidates (this post on screening your candidates is a great place to start).

Our independent, virtual recruiters are incredibly creative when it comes to finding candidates, and we thought we’d share some of our favorite and most creative ways that they have successfully connected with candidates.

Creative ways to find candidates

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Work with universities and nursing colleges

One of our recruiters ran into the head of a college of nursing at a networking event, and shared that he was an independent recruiter with Relode. She was able to connect him with new graduates who were looking for jobs, and he was able to connect them to the great jobs on the Relode platform.

Using social media

Another of our recruiters shares that her favorite way to find candidates is through joining local nursing groups on social media. She connects with job searching candidates and then uses her unique link to share jobs with nurses and physicians looking for new opportunities. You’re not just limited to your local area though — technology makes it easy to connect with potential candidates across the country who may be interested in relocating.

We’ve also seen recruiters create their own Instagram and Twitter accounts, and share jobs that way. This can be especially effective when reaching younger candidates and new grads who are active on social media.

Alumni networks

Alumni groups can be some of the most powerful connections since many graduates are eager to help their fellow alums. By connecting with your local and national groups, our recruiters have found themselves connected to nurses and physicians who are looking for new opportunities. Additionally, other people in alumni networks may also know potential candidates who are looking for healthcare jobs.

Create a dynamic job postings

If you’re a creative type and have some time to spare, you can create a video or host a webinar to share information about new jobs. We’ve also had recruiters make their own websites to list jobs and then share the sites with potential candidates. You can also host a “virtual open house” to find new candidates (here’s how)

Use past candidates

If you’ve had a hire in the past, you already have a connection who loves his or her job, and is working in the healthcare field. Reaching out and seeing if this healthcare professional knows anyone else looking for a job can be a great way to widen your candidate pool.

Other ways to find candidates

Post positions on niche job boards

There are a number of free job boards where you can post Relode jobs. When posting jobs, we recommend that you rewrite the descriptions to make them more attractive to potential candidates. When rewriting descriptions, you can also try including keywords that potential candidates will be using to search for jobs. This will help your postings to be found more easily.

In-Person networking

Don’t discount the appeal of speaking with people in person. Even if you don’t personally know any healthcare professionals, you can reach out to your connections, and they may know someone looking for healthcare jobs. Going to networking events and healthcare mixers may also be a great way to meet job searchers, but make sure that you spend some time in conversation before pitching a job.

Finding great candidates isn’t just limited to these ideas — we leave it up to your creativity. If you have any great strategies, we’d love to hear them. Share this post using the links below and add your favorite way to find candidates!

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Molly Powers