Comparing the Best Crowdsourcing Platforms for Recruiters

Of all the technology tools available for recruiters today, nothing has had as much of an impact as crowdsourcing.

Most of us are familiar with crowdsourcing — if you’ve ever taken an Uber or Lyft, backed a Kickstarter, or stayed at an Airbnb, you’ve even participated in a crowdsourced business.

Crowdsourcing as a term has been around since 2006, when Jeff Howe of Wired wrote about the phenomenon in his article “The Rise of Crowdsourcing.” This phenomenon relies on breaking down the barriers between amateurs and professionals, and allowing a company to tap into the collective experience of users. Basically, it puts the power to succeed into the hands of a user, and allows them to dictate how much they work and how much they earn.

Today, crowdsourcing sites have become a 3 billion dollar enterprise (according to a study from Deloitte), and it is estimated that by the end of this year 75% of businesses will use crowdsourcing in some form. In fact, as of this year, over 1 million people drive with Uber, Kickstarter has funded over 144,000 projects and raised over 3 billion dollars, and over 600,000 people own Airbnbs that attract 150 million visitors per year.

One of the biggest draws of crowdsourcing is the idea that anyone can sign up to earn. Whether you’re looking to work full time, or add to your income with a side hustle, there’s a crowdsourcing site that can help. The power of crowdsourcing lies in its ability to tap into the existing skills a user already possesses and allows them to monetize those skills to earn on their terms.

Since 44 million Americans currently have a side hustle, clearly crowdsourced businesses resonate with both those looking to earn more or adopt flexible working habits, and with those looking to use the services these crowdsourcing platforms offer.

So how does the rise of crowdsourcing sites influence the ability of a recruiter to earn more?

How Crowdsourcing Helps With Recruiting

Here at Relode, we believe that crowdsourcing platforms are the next step in the evolution of recruiting. In fact, the growing gig economy and the ability to work anywhere has made virtual recruiting an attractive full time job or side hustle for many independent recruiters, and crowdsourcing has the potential to completely change how the recruiting industry operates.

Using crowdsourcing as a recruiter is similar to social network recruiting, but there is an important difference. Crowdsourcing platforms are designed to help companies build trust — recruiters can use their roles as trusted professionals to connect with their network and refer them to jobs.

Crowdsourcing combines the power of an online staffing company with the discernment of an in-person agency. It is ultimately more powerful for recruiters, since it puts their networking skills to use as they build relationships with both their candidates and the company.

Additionally, both independent and agency recruiters can use crowdsourcing tools to make virtual recruiting work for them.

If you’re looking to explore popular crowdsourcing platforms, we’ve compiled a list of some crowdsourcing tools for various industries.

Popular Crowdsourcing Platforms

These crowdsourcing tools were designed for recruiters to place more candidates. We’ve evaluated some of the best options available today.

Visage - This San Francisco based company sources for multiple Fortune 500 companies. Recruiters can post jobs here and generally receive qualified applicants within a few days.

Jobhuk - Free to use, this company allows recruiters both contract jobs and full-time opportunities. This crowdsourcing tool also allows recruiters to share jobs with each other.

Bounty Jobs - Working with some of the biggest companies, this platform is also one of the oldest. Because of a well-established reputation and history of success, recruiters must go through an interview process to be accepted and there is a lot of competition over jobs and candidates.

Recruiter - A large system with a variety of services, Recruiter also has an easy to use interface. However, the size of the platform means there is an almost overwhelming amount of competition, meaning it’s tough to earn a lot here.

Relode - A newer example of where crowdsourcing platforms are headed. An extremely simple and easy to use system that focuses on one industry: healthcare.

Which Tool Is Right For You?

When choosing a crowdsourcing platform, you should consider the following:

Where is your recruiting expertise?

Think about the industries where you have contacts, or know that you can source candidates for. For example, if you’re used to recruiting executive and C-suite positions, choose a platform that has a number of jobs in that area. If healthcare recruiting is your specialty, then a crowdsourcing tool that focuses on a single industry might be a better place to start.

The placement fees

Which jobs have the potential for a large referral bonus? For some sites, earning a large referral reward may be more difficult, while others may have referral rewards in the $10,000 range.

The competition

For some recruiting sites, there is a lot of competition to work on specific jobs. This is especially true for more general roles. Finding your niche in a more specialized area may help you to not only earn more referral bonuses, but also you’ll have less competition when filling a role. For example, if you’re virtually recruiting using Relode, physician jobs typically have less competition and higher rewards than some of the other positions on the platform.

If you’re interested in trying your hand at healthcare recruitment, Relode is a great place to start. Referring a candidate takes less than a minute, and you can earn rewards up to $20,000 for a successful placement. You can read more about getting started with Relode here.

So… Which Crowdsourcing Site Is The Best?

It depends.

When you’re deciding which crowdsourcing platform is the best, you need to evaluate what you’re looking for in a virtual recruiting tool and, and where your expertise is when recruiting.

Any of these sites could be a good fit for you — it just depends on you. For some recruiters, using one or more of these crowdsourcing platforms may be their best options, while others prefer to use just one.

If you're interested in seeing what Relode has to offer, you can sign up to get started below.

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