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Relode Candidate Caronda Foster's Success Story

Today we're talking with Caronda Foster, a Relode Candidate who found her current position with the help of Relode. She shares the best part of the process and offers advice to others who may be searching for new positions to ensure they have the best possible experience as she did, thanks to Relode.

Caronda Foster

Caronda Foster

What's your occupation?

I got involved with nursing during high school and started working in group homes as my first job. I was involved in working with nursing homes for about four years before I was connected with Relode.

How did you hear about Relode?

I heard about Relode through Elaine Owens, who is a Relode Agent and told me about the job opportunity with Relode as a CNA: SNF with Signature Health Care. Elaine reached out to me about the opportunity describing the qualifications. I was very interested because I had been searching for a new opportunity and felt that this job met my requirements as well.

What do you think of Relode compared to traditional hiring?

Compared to traditional hiring, Relode felt quick and efficient. Relode put me in the position to directly speak with the hiring manager, which is a luxury that most of my friends didn’t have when applying to jobs. I applied, interviewed and was hired all within three weeks, which was great! Once I got to the interview, I felt that my Relode Account Executive had prepared me for the interview, which also helped move along the process. 

How was the process?

The process with Relode was very positive! 

Would share Relode with Friends?

Yes, definitely!

What tips or tricks would you offer other Relode Candidates? 

I would say that being honest and straight forward is the best policy. Relode takes into consideration your background and works with you to prepare for the tough interview questions that you might face. This helped me a lot because I felt more prepared for the interview than any other job interview before. 

"I felt more prepared for the interview than any other job interview before." 

How was your relationship with the Account Executive? 

I felt comfortable working with my Account Executive and that she prepared me for the interview with Signature, which was great!

Do you have any advice for new Relode Candidates searching for jobs? 

I didn’t feel that there any difficulties!

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