Become a Top Recruiter by Specializing

Whether you’ve been a recruiter for years, or you’re first starting out, you probably already know that recruiting is one of the most challenging yet rewarding careers today. Top recruiters know that in order to succeed in the field, you don’t just need a strong network, you’ll also need to know the best job boards, master skills like boolean searches, and have all the qualities of a top recruiter.

Another way you can take your recruiting career to the next level is by specializing.

Why have a recruiting specialty?

When you specialize in a specific field of recruiting, it’s about becoming an expert in a specific type of job. For example, if you’re looking to have a piece of content written, you’re more likely to ask a copywriter, rather than a general marketer. It’s the same thing in recruiting. Companies want to entrust their specific positions to someone they know is an expert in that field. By making yourself that expert, you set yourself up to earn more, build more credibility, and achieve more success in your career.

If you aren’t already specializing, what steps do you need to take to carve out a recruiting niche for yourself? While these steps might vary slightly depending on whether you’re an experienced recruiter or just getting started, here’s how you can decide if specializing makes sense for you.

Look at your current business model

Before you randomly choose a specialty, consider where you are currently finding success. You may have already found a niche without realizing, and you may just need to pivot slightly in order to really lean into whatever specialty you choose.

If you’re just starting in recruiting, look at your network. Are you connected to a certain type of professional already? If so, that might be a good place to start when thinking about your specialty.

Do some research

You’ll want to choose a niche where the job market is not just currently growing, but that also has potential to grow in the future. Sectors like tech and healthcare are two of the fastest growing industries, so they are both good areas to specialize in.

In fact, in 2017 alone the healthcare industry added over 37,000 new jobs in the U.S., so working in healthcare as a recruiter or virtual recruiter can have some definite advantages.

Consider what you’re passionate about

Is there a particular industry or field within an industry you’re drawn to? Having an interest in whatever field you’re recruiting for will help you be more successful, as you’ll be motivated to stay on top of new trends and news in the industry.

It may be that you’ve worked in a particular field and have an understanding of what it takes to work in that field. This might also be a good way to choose a specialty.

Look at the fees

Of course, you’ll also want to consider the hiring fees when choosing a recruiting specialty. There are some industries with much higher fees than others, which can definitely be a factor in your decision to pursue specific fields over others.

While some recruiters choose niches that hire quickly but have lowers fees, other choose longer game industries with higher rewards. One isn’t necessarily better than the other — it depends on your skills, your experience, and your preferences.

How Relode can help you choose a recruiting specialty

At Relode, we have hundreds of jobs available that are great for anyone who is looking to specialize in either general healthcare recruitment, nurse recruitment, physician recruitment, or healthcare IT recruitment.

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Molly Powers