American Physician Partners’ Story

“I think what you do and the service you provide is worth every penny, and then some.”— Dan Melson, VP of Physician Services

The Need

Long before Dan began his work with American Physician Partners, he witnessed the power relationships have when building a successful team. It was this philosophy, grounding partnerships in relationships, that brought him to American Physician Partners and has since built APP’s success. “I’ve been in this business 37 years, and the number one objective is to build relationships,” he says.

As VP of Physician Services, Dan is responsible for building sustainable and long-term relationships with the doctors that bring APP to life. When it was time for Dan to build his internal team, Dan needed an approach that was as relational as he was — and he chose Relode. Dan had six specialized roles he needed to fill — recruiter roles and credentialing specialist positions.

With Relode’s unique platform and specialized, targeted search, Dan was able to utilize unique and innovative tools to fill the positions as quickly as possible.

The Technology

Relode, leveraging our referral network, maximized Dan's hiring efforts. Dan was able to connect with specialized professionals focused on the industry he was working in, emergency medicine. “Relode was the first company we used to look for recruiters. And the reason that I really did that is that you (Relode) put in the time that I would put in if I did it myself.”

Focused on emergency medicine, Relode’s agents targeted Dan’s search and outreach to ensure he was reaching the right types of candidates. Relode became an extension of Dan, allowing him to connect with the right candidates faster. “You are my sidekick, you can go do that on my behalf in half the time,” he says.

Partnering with Relode also saved American Physician Partners thousands of dollars. “The concept hit me right between the eyes,” Dan says, “it just makes a lot of sense.” The faster the vacancies are filled, the more money Dan was able to save.

Within the last month, Dan has hired six new team members through Relode. Relode’s innovative technology allowed Dan to reach a bigger pool of candidates, faster, and dig in to their backgrounds to find the right fit. “The biggest struggle in hiring is just making sure you have the right person. In the world we live in today, there are a lot of folks looking for jobs, and a lot of folks who are selling themselves as one thing when they are really not that person,” he says.

“I feel like you are on my team, and you understand” Dan adds. “A lot of people in this business want to search for somebody who will do the job, send them to you, clear a name, and then put them to work. You all have done a very good job of making sure that the person that I wanted is really that right person.”

With American Physicians Partners' growth, Dan is not only prepared, but excited about the team that he is building. “We are expanding, and gaining several new hospitals this year” Dan told us. “The things that are required in this business, Relode does those.”

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Relode Team