Agent Spotlight: Anthy Petropoulos

by the Relode Team
27 April 2015

Every month we highlight a top Relode Agent. Our "Agent Spotlight" gives clients an opportunity to see top performing agents and to know them better. We like to let 'em shine, so here's Anthy Petropoulos. Congrats to Anthy, who brought in the most tasks last month!

Relode: Tell us about yourself and why you joined Relode.

Anthy P: I've been lucky enough to have some great jobs over the years, but I always felt like I could do more and help more people if I had a chance to recruit for a more diverse set of jobs and roles. Relode came along and gave me that opportunity at just the right time. It's helped me in a number of ways, which is why I'm very grateful to be part of the team. 

R: How do you establish a positive rapport with your clients?

AP: First, I always thank for them for the opportunity to help out because, having worked with many hiring managers over the years, I know that a recruiting budget is not always a given. So I want to show my appreciation for being selected to drive that search. I also try to think of questions that will clarify information that I've been given, so that I really understand, to the best of my knowledge, what their ideal candidate looks like. Finally, I stay in touch with clients through the hiring process so that even if it's taking a while to find that really unique person, they know I haven't forgotten about them and that I'm still actively out there working and thinking of new ways and places to source.

R: What's your secret to finding the right candidates?

AP: The answer is patience. Often when a hiring manager needs a recruiter, it's not for an easy-to-fill position. So if you go into it a search expecting to find the right candidate (or candidates) right away, you're setting yourself up for disappointment and frustration. There have been times where I've been absolutely sure I've combed every square inch of the universe looking for someone in particular and started to feel it's impossible. That's the time I need to back off and let my conscious mind take a break. My creativity is usually still working in the back of my mind to come up with a new approach or idea and it usually just needs a break to come to the front of my mind.

R: What sets you apart as a recruiter?

AP: As an experienced recruiter who has gone through more than one corporate layoff during the financial downturn in this country, I have a unique perspective of empathizing with both the candidate and the hiring manager. So I'm capable of putting myself in both places, which I think is very helpful during the search and interview process.

R: If you could make up a title for yourself, what would it be?

'Director of Random Information, Division of Pop Culture'

I know a lot of random facts and I like to share them on a regular basis. 

Or maybe 'Recruiter, Specializing in Intuitive Searches'. I have a strong sense of intuition, and I use it in all areas of my life - personally and professionally. It's a good skill to have when working with people, which a recruiter does pretty much all day.

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