Activities That Lead to Agent Success

Jan 18

Whether you are a seasoned agent at Relode or new to our team, we have found that these top activities lead to agent success! If we could sum it up in one piece of advice it would be: stay connected to the team and use our resources wisely.

Here is a breakdown of where to start:

1. Stay Connected To The Relode Team

We have a team full of people ready and willing to answer any and all your questions. We are happy to guide you step by step through the referral process, aid you on the backend of our site, and help you understand who is best fit for each job your trying to fill. Our best agents are the ones who reach out to us and make it a priority to stay in communication about where their candidates are in the hiring process. The more we know and the more you know about your candidate in the hiring process will only help make things go faster, and help you to make better referrals in the future.

2. Actively screen your candidates

To truly find the best candidates for the best jobs, you need to understand the position. Even if you know a great nurse with Med/Surg experience, he or she probably won’t be hired to an ICU position. Doing a quick read of the description will let you know which licenses are needed, how much experience is preferred, and what the typical duties are, so you can strategically choose candidates who are more likely to be hired. From there, go ahead and screen your candidates against that checklist. It may take a little more work on the front end, but it increases chances of success. It will also give you a chance to ask your candidates any questions about their resume or qualifications before our account executives get in touch with them.

3. Join our Relode Agent Advantage weekly webinar

We created a space for agents at all stages of their journey at Relode to access insider information from our team on a weekly basis. Join us to find out what the newest jobs and hottest markets are and hear the best agents give their tips and tricks. Also, at the end of each call you’ll be able to ask questions and discuss opportunities with our team.

4. Relode Agent Advantage Facebook Group

Along with our weekly webinar, we have a unique Facebook group for our agents. Here is a place where you can ask questions at any time and not only get help from the Relode team, but also get help from other agents. Our community manager posts interesting tips and tricks along with helpful information that keeps you up to date and savvy.

We’d love to hear from you! What are some things that have been helpful in your success as an agent at Relode?

Alyssa McNally