5 Ways To Stay Sane This Holiday As A Working Parent

Whether you have a full time job, navigating a part time job, or are a freelancer, the Holidays are a special (and overwhelming) time for parents. Here are 5 ways to stay sane this holiday and enjoy the celebrations in the process.

Jenny Hamrick

1.     Plan ahead. Make a list this weekend of all holiday parties, errands, doctors appointments with any and everything that you have to do between now and Christmas. Looking at your weekly schedule ahead of time helps you prepare, multi-task and prioritize important events.

2.     Order Online. From fresh groceries to designer jeans, almost everything can be purchased online. Save time running from store to store by having gifts delivered to your house, and take advantage of grocery delivery and amazon prime to give yourself some extra time.

3.     Exercise Often. The holidays are full of expectations, extra parties, gift giving, and lots of family time. Prepare yourself for the stress by carving out some time in your schedule to work out. A 30 minute jog or yoga session can be a game changer after a long day.

4.     Slow down. Sometimes the most pressure we put on ourselves comes from the pressure we place on ourselves to be perfect. Take time to slow down with a cup of tea or coffee, and be present in one of the most beautiful times of year. Your presence is always more meaningful then a perfect place setting.

5.     Look for ways to earn extra income. The holidays can be an expensive time, with family in town, travel expenses, and gift giving. With the rising gig economy, there are TONS of opportunities to make money that don’t require hours in the office or on the floor. Take advantage of opportunities that fit with your schedule.