3 Reasons to Drop What You're Doing and Sign Up for Relode

by Brennon Mobley
13 April 2015

Relode is the modern way of finding and organizing job candidates, and they are helping companies find awesome hourly employees.

Here's the story of how I stumbled into this opportunity.

In full disclosure, I’m not a recruiterI am a college student at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee. I have been working at Relode since it started last summer. Originally, our online marketplace consisted of only professional recruiters. But then, one of our clients asked us to help find them parking attendants.

This presented a problemnone of our professional recruiters focused on finding hourly employees.

So I said that I would find parking attendants. My thought process was simple: I am a college student. Most of my friends are college students… several of my friends would be eager to earn an hourly wage... I was confident that I could find awesome hourly employees.

It worked. And I got paid.

All I did was...

  • Send a few text messages,
  • Post in a Facebook group, and
  • Make a couple phone calls

After three hours, I found five friends who were fully qualified and ready to interview for the job. I used Relode’s system to present a summary of the candidates, and the company loved it. 

Three of the five friends got a job! The crazy part is that people I didn't even know started asking me to find them jobs too!

3 reasons to drop what you're doing and sign up for Relode:

  1. Employers are desperate to find hourly employees
  2. You know the candidates they're looking for
  3. You get paid to refer your friends

It's that easy.

Your turn to join the journey.

Through my experience, we realized that companies are eager to tap into the networks of young professionals and college studentsthey are the best resource for finding great hourly employees.

Relode is changing the way companies find candidates, and you can join the journey.

Help your friends find great jobs and get paid for doing it.

Nuf Said.