How do you get the perfect profile photo?

First impressions are everything, right? The agent photo is one of the first things a client sees when requesting a task and choosing an agent, so your photo needs to be great.

Here are some tips to help you get the best profile photo possible.

  • No hats or sunglasses. Remove your sunglasses (including glasses with transition lenses) or hats before taking a profile photo.
  • No Bluetooth headsets. No matter how much you love your Jawbone, you need to make sure you're not wearing it in your profile photo.
  • Make sure you smile! Show off your friendly side by making sure you give a nice, big smile before you take the photo. People want to work with happy agents. 
  • Take the photo in a well-lit location. Too much direct sunlight will make you strain your smile, and not enough will add shadows to your face. Try to find a spot where the light is even, and not too bright or too dark.
  • Find a good, solid background. Avoid taking photos without a background. Finding a wall you can stand in front of will help avoid shadows.
  • Frame your head and top of shoulders. This is the tricky part, but we have faith in you! Have your photographer take a couple steps back, hold the phone horizontally, center the your head in the box, and be sure to get the top of your shoulders in frame. Take some time to review it to make sure your full head and the tops of your shoulders are included. You may need to take two or three photos to get it right, but it's worth it!
  • No blurry photos. We know Instagram considers blurry photos art, but your clients need to see those beautiful features clearly!
relode agent profile photos

Crop your profile photo

Once you have uploaded your perfect profile photo, you can select exactly the portion of the photo you would like to show. Consider both the square shape photo and the circle photo you will see on your profile. Clients see both versions, so we want you to look the best in all scenarios! Below is an example of a great size to crop your photo. 

agent photo crop